RudolfskominoThe Great Rudolfskomino is from the metropolitan city of Raymonda where many other dancer Kanoopies, and musician Kanoopies live. Rudolfskomino is one of the original great ballet dancers who danced leading roles in such great choreographies like "The Swanerina Suite", "Sleepy Kanoopie Hollow", and "Romino and Julettina", for which he became an overnight sensation when he re-staged the famous "Goodbye from Ballonne Bluffs" pas de deux.

He traveled across many rivers, hills, valleys and lakes, bringing dance to everyone so that Kanoopies everywhere could enjoy these famous works. He is Ballermina Legwarmer's favourite superstar dancer. Unfortunately, he still has a lot to learn when it comes to using his manners. Rudolfskomino teaches us that you are never too old to learn new lessons, and the importance of remembering your "pleases" when you plie.