Ballermina Legwarmer

BallerminaBallermina Legwarmer loves to dance all forms of dance, but her favourite form is Ballet. Ballermina is a graceful and light Kanoopie, who loves to embark upon new adventures with her sister, Jazzermina Legwarmer, and the rest of the Legwarmer family. She is often the messenger, and moves the plot forward by instigating the path for the new adventure. Her adventures always require for her to learn more about herself as she overcomes life’s obstacles through her dancing.

Jazzermina Legwarmer

JazzerminaJazzermina Legwarmer is Ballermina’s sister. Jazzermina loves all forms of dance, but her favourite form of dance is Jazz. This Kanoopie loves new experiences, and can often be curious and more mischievous than her sister. Jazzermina lives in the moment as though every moment is “the first time” she’s experienced it. Sometimes, Jazzermina can get a little carried away with herself and be a little forgetful and clueless when arriving at solutions, but eventually she makes her way with the help of her family. Through her dancing, Jazzermina learns of new life lessons with every dancing adventure

Folklormina Legwarmer

Folklormina2Folklormina Legwarmer is also a cousin to the Legwarmer family. Folklormina loves all forms of dance, but her favourite form of dance is Folk dance. Folklormina has a very robust andhearty personality. With her eclectic knowledge of the world and its cultures, she brings those qualities into the Legwarmer’s adventures.  Folklormina is a verystrong Kanoopie and acts as the support system for the Legwarmer family when trouble ensues or plans fall apart. Folklormina is very excited about new dancing adventures, and opens the audience to dances from all over the world.

Modernmina Legwarmer

ModerminaModernmina Legwarmer is also a cousin to the Legwarmer family. Modernmina loves all forms of dance, but her favourite form of dance is Modern dance. Modernmina loves to dance bare foot down the lane while exploring her surroundings. She is a very grounded Kanoopie whose job is to calm her cousins down when their dancing adventures get a little crazy. Modernmina focuses her family so they may accomplish their task at hand. Modernmina loves diving into new dancing adventures, picking some flowers along the way, and learning about herself.

Tappermina Legwarmer

TapperminaTappermina Legwarmer is a cousin to Ballermina and Jazzermina Legwarmer. Tappermina loves all forms of dance, but her favourite form of dance is Tap. Tappermina is an obedient and punctual Kanoopie who lives in a world of rhythm and time. She is more hesitant and cautious than the rest of her family and will often point out impending obstacles along the way. Usually persuaded by her family, she too will jump into new adventures and experience life’s lessons with each dancing adventure.


RudolfskominoThe Great Rudolfskomino is from the metropolitan city of Raymonda where many other dancer Kanoopies, and musician Kanoopies live. Rudolfskomino is one of the original great ballet dancers who danced leading roles in such great choreographies like "The Swanerina Suite", "Sleepy Kanoopie Hollow", and "Romino and Julettina", for which he became an overnight sensation when he re-staged the famous "Goodbye from Ballonne Bluffs" pas de deux.

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