About The Authors

Lisa and Chrissy BrkichImagine a household where there was always a radio tune playing, songs “from the old country” being sung at the basement parties, and the rich bellowing sounds emanating out of father’s accordion whilst accompanied by anyone at the party who knew how to tickle the ivories… such is the family that we were born into… and wouldn’t have changed a thing!  This lively, forever frolicking, world of music molded us and shaped us until we were old enough (or young enough) to adorn our first pair of ballet shoes, and we’ve kept them on ever since.  

After graduating from Ryerson University with a B.F.A. in Dance, Christine and Lisa founded and directed InMotion Dance Company.  It was with this fantastic collective of dancers and choreographers where they learned to hone their choreographic and performance skills whilst leading the company to perform in various destinations throughout Canada and Europe.  In 2000, InMotion Dance School became a derivative of the Company.  Owned by Christine and Lisa Brkich, they then continued their work with students teaching a variety of dance disciplines and offering their students a safe environment to grow and discover their own inner artist for over a decade.  

Upon completing her B.Ed in dance education, Lisa enjoys teaching the many talented young artists of Cawthra Park Secondary School and currently Christine is still teaching young dancers in Toronto, while at home with her three year old, reading along side him as he discovers “The Legwarmers” for the first time.

About The Illustrator

Emma Bramma Smith has been described as a “spiritual surrealist”. Both Emma and her artwork are wonderful fusions of her own Celtic traditions and her love of Tibetan Buddhism and Eastern cultures, combined with reverence for the beauty and healing power of nature. Her delicate, whimsical paintings and children’s illustrations are inspired by faith, philosophy and unconditional love.

As an artist, Emma has exhibited her work in the Toronto Out Door Art Exhibition, The Royal Bank of Canada’s Gold Branch and several Oakville and Burlington art festivals, as well as galleries in the United Kingdom, Ontario and Australia. Her works are in private collections across Canada, in New York, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Australia. The illustrations, character sketches and costume designs for The Legwarmers® are what Emma feels to be some of her best work to date.

Emma’s illustrations can be found in books by authors Shannon Smith and Cj Martin. In October of 2007, Emma’s painting “Universal Heart” was given as an offering to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. A limited number of prints made of this painting have also been sold with a portion of the proceeds donated to projects for the Tibetan people.