About The Book

TheLegwaremers-Cover-3d"The Legwarmers in Pliés and Pleases" is the first of a series of Legwarmer adventures. Based on the live production of "The Legwarmers", this children's book derived from the original children's production created by Christine and Lisa Brkich. The Legwarmers are a dancing "Kanoopie" family who live in The Town of Spool where all the Kanoopies love to dance. They dance while going to school, while sweeping the floor, while getting ready for school... they even dance in their sleep! The Legwarmer family are comprised of sister Kanoopies, Ballermina and Jazzermina Legwarmer. Together, with their cousins, Tappermina, Folklormina, and Modernmina Legwarmer, they take on one challenge at a time as they dance their way through life's adventures.

"The Legwarmers in Pliés and Pleases" is a story about learning manners and respect when the Great Rudolfskomino of Raymonda comes to the Town of Spool to conduct a ballet class for the Legwarmers. No matter how "great" one can be, the importance of saying "please" and "thank you" is one that Great Rudy and the Legwarmers are reminded of in this endearing story. Each book in the series teaches "The Step of the Day" when all the Legwarmers cannot possibly contain themselves any longer, and absolutely, positively MUST learn a brand new step because they LOVE dancing so much. Moms and Dads, and children everywhere can practice the new step of the day together at home, dancing in their living rooms, or bedrooms, just like the Legwarmers do in their homes, streets and gardens. It is our wish that children, big and small, learn the LOVE of dance, while also learning what it means to conquer life's challenges with the help of one's family. And quite simply... with the support and love of your family... anything is possible.